Providing Answers Since 1952

Management Decisions, Inc. (MDI) was established in 1989 to broaden the focus of its predecessor firm, Bisbing Research Inc. (BRI). A traditional marketing research firm, BRI was founded in 1952 by the late Dr. Leonard Bisbing. As the first such organization in Milwaukee, Bisbing Research emphasized quality interviewing, data analysis, and report-writing at an affordable price. This tradition continues today.

For more than 50 years, Management Decisions, Inc. has consistently perfected the science of qualitative and quantitative data collection, earning a reputation of stellar proportions.Management Decisions, Inc. has managed projects for organizations throughout the private and public sectors in the United States and globally. You'll find our experienced staff easy to work with. We give special attention to matching your needs with the best research design available. One indication of our success is the amount of repeat business we receive from our clients.

We provide full-service capabilities---quantitative and qualitative methodologies; descriptive, bivariate and multivariate statistical procedures; various sampling and questionnaire designs; telephone, web, mail, computer diskette and mall data collection; efficient data entry and processing; and easy-to understand data tables and reports. Additionally, we can transform your data tables into brilliant-color graphic charts for presentations.

Management Decisions, Inc. furnishes data analysis and report-writing services to interested clients. We also provide quality, timely and affordable telephone interviewing to those who only need data collection.

We also make our processing and tabulation services available to those clients who have already collected their data but need professional and efficient coding and keying of numerical data.

Our staff prides itself on upholding a high level of professional integrity, and dedication to the timely completion of your research project. We carefully attend to each stage in the research process from problem definition and design, through questionnaire construction, sample selection and field work, to analysis and report writing. In this way, we show our commitment to a tradition of research excellence!

We promise to:

...have a GENUINE UNDERSTANDING of the nature of partnership
..BE HONEST in estimating the time it will take to field and complete your study.

...REMAIN TRUE to our original cost estimate, as long as unforeseen difficulties do not arise in reaching your target.

...MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY of your findings, and guarantee your anonymity if desired.

...COURTEOUSLY HANDLE all inquiries for information from research subjects.

...DEVELOP your design, WITH IMPLEMENTATION of its findings IN MIND.

...CONSTRUCT questionnaires IN CLOSE CONSULTATION with you.

...USE ESTABLISHED PROTOCOLS to reduce data-gathering problems.

...MATCH THE ABILITIES of interviewers with the specific demands of a project.

...PRE-TEST ALL QUESTIONNAIRES to identify potential problems.

...OBTAIN RANDOM SAMPLES for any market or area in the U.S.

...CONTROL ERROR to provide as representative a sample as possible.

...FOLLOW CONSISTENT PROCEDURES in data coding, entry and tabulation.

...AVAIL OURSELVES of statistical procedures warranted by your data.



...REMAIN SOCIALLY-RESPONSIBLE, donating time and in-kind services to selected non-profit agencies and organizations.

…take PRIDE in all steps of Business

Management Decisions, Inc. A Full Service Research Firm With a Tradition of Excellence.