Management Decisions, Inc. respects and keeps in complete confidence all materials furnished by its clients in collecting, processing, analyzing and reporting data. They commonly include sample lists, reports developed by other firms, and research instruments (such as questionnaires and interviews), in draft and final form. Only employees "with a need to know", have access to materials furnished by clients, and solely for the expressed purpose of carrying out the normal duties of their job. We store all furnished materials in secured areas on our premises.

Management Decisions, Inc. treats all information generated for clients as proprietary, except where restricted by law or existing contract. These materials include (but are not limited to) revised and created research instruments; raw data in hard copy, diskette or tape format; sample lists; data tables; and reports in draft and final form. They are provided only to the client, consistent with written and verbal understandings. They are not released to any other party, except with the prior permission of the client. Ownership of all materials rendered by Management Decisions, Inc. reverts to the client upon payment of their invoice.

In addition, we consider as confidential, all information exchanged between Management Decisions, Inc. and its client that is not generally known to the public.