Marketing Research Services - Qualitative and Quantitative

Project Design/Programming:
Working closely with our clients, we develop comprehensive and custom, well-planned projects that answer questions leading to sound decisions.

Sampling Design:
Using proven scientific methods, representative samples are compiled to target client-specific markets, while providing a high degree of accuracy.

Questionnaire Design:
Our professional staff is experienced in creating valid and reliable questions. Questionnaires are pre-tested to identify and eliminate potential problems prior to data collection.

Data Collection:
With knowledge in several data collections techniques, we use only those best suited and most efficient for the project. Ability levels of the interviewers are matched to the specific project demands. Established protocols are followed to minimize problems in gathering data. Our interviewers interact conversationally, yielding more in-depth information, resulting in efficiency and results. Professional interviewing teams specifically trained for each study. Our telephone call center is also used to supplement our web surveys.

Data Collection Techniques:

Telephone Interviewing:

  • Telephone Surveys –State of the art CATI system
  • Interviewers are cross trained on each project
  • Inbound/Outbound capability
  • Recording of verbatim open ended responses
  • Multi lingual interviewers-Spanish

Online Data Collection:

  • Conjoint and Discrete choice analysis capability
  • Custom HTML Email invitations
  • Unique domains available
  • Web Hosting
  • Panel Recruiting
  • Project/Field Management

Mail Surveys:

  • Design and Layout of Mail Piece
  • Envelope stuffing and delivery execution
  • Delivery Confirmation/Verification Services

Face to Face Interviews

Intercept Interviews:

  • In-depth Interviews
  • In-store on site intercepts

Data Processing/Data Analysis:
Rigorous procedures are followed during the data coding and data entry phases to ensure that the data are properly verified and recorded. Data are analyzed using the most appropriate statistical procedures that meet the project's objectives. State-of-the-art computer software and hardware are used to perform the analysis.

Reporting of Results/Tabulation:
Computer-generated data are translated into easy-to-understand reports. If a presentation to your management is needed, we can assist you by transforming data tables into brilliant, colorful graphic charts.