Management Decisions, Inc. employs formal policies and procedures that ensure high quality in the data collection, tabulation, analytic, and report-writing phases of each project.

We review the different types of interviewing techniques and types of questions, and ways of handling different situations (including "probes," "clarifications" and "don't knows"). The interviewer's manual and the training process also cover instructions for using hard copy materials and automated terminals; issues of rotational and positional bias; and the importance of interviewer manners. Once employees begin interviewing, they are carefully monitored using on-line methods.

For each project, interviewers are briefed in training meetings before the data collection begins. A practice session is held, with each interviewer conducting several interviews before the start of the study. This increases their comfort level and helps to identify potential data collection issues.

Completed interviews for each project are reviewed by a supervisor, again guaranteeing completeness and accuracy.

Phone numbers, provided by clients or purchased through sampling firms, are dialed a maximum of four times to complete a contact and to conduct an interview. All calls are recorded, including answering machines, no answers, refusals, and reasons for termination. The disposition of each and every call dialed is available upon request.

For paper-and-pencil interviewing, 100% of all data coding, inputting, cleaning and structuring is reviewed by "checkers" who assess the accuracy of the data and look for anomalies. Our on-site CATI System simplifies data collection and increases the accuracy of both collection and processing. In formatting data for diskette and hard copy, responses are tabulated, checked for accuracy, and tested for significance (if requested) before being sent to clients.

We have successfully used recruited samples (by telephone, e-mail, mail), Internet panels and custom samples (provided by client) to combine the best of both worlds - the sample control of traditional methodologies, with the flexibility of offering an online option.

We carefully review all reports produced for clients to ensure that interpretations are consistent with the quality and condition of the data. All statistical data tested by Management Decisions, Inc. is cross-checked for accuracy.