Because your opinions make a difference.

Survey research is a vital part of everyday life, because it allows people to express their views on products and services they use every day as well as social and political issues. At Management Decisions, Inc. we collect survey data for leading research organizations worldwide. Importantly, we do not sell products or services.

We need your opinions. As a consumer or business you are the lifeblood of the research industry. Accurate data from consumers and businesses is vital because it is shaping future products, advertising and public policies.

Management Decisions, Inc. is committed to ethical survey research. You can be confident your information will always be used in a responsible manner. Your information will never be resold to a third party.

If we have contacted you, to participate in a survey, your time will be sincerely appreciated. For clarity the federal Do Not Call List prevents telemarketers from calling registered phone numbers. Management Decisions, Inc. is not a telemarketing firm. The purpose of our telephone calls is not to sell you anything, but instead to collect your opinions.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at:

We thank you and appreciate your opinions.